MLB0041 Petite Carnation Bouquet (Strictly for Self-Pick Up ONLY)


Petite Carnation Bouquet – Strictly for Self-pick up OR Bulk Order ONLY.

A bouquet of love with 3 stalks carnation paired with filler and green. Colour of the carnation may random depends on availability. Available in red, pink, orange peach (as pic), yellow and purple.
The small petite bouquet only available for self-pick up ONLY.
Delivery available for bulk order at 3 x bouquets and above OR as an Add-On items with any other bouquet.
Wrapping paper may vary depending on availability.
Filler may be substituted based on the availability but similarly ones will be apply.
note: Call +606-6462235 / +6016 355 9984 or email for any customise bouquet.
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